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Linea Rossa Bruciagrassi

The formation of cellulite originates from a circulatory problem on the venous return, with consequent stagnation of lymph in the tissues especially of the legs and arm area.

In the Green ContraCell Program, the Red Line is recommended for those who need an intense and anti-inflammatory fat-burning action linked to venous congestion, but do not have problems with vessel fragility.

Its action develops on 3 fronts:

     a) counteracting fibrous and nodular cellulite and therefore the stagnation of liquids while stimulating lipolytic enzymes for a reducing action

     b) activating the metabolism of adipocytes promoting their mobilization and reduction


     c) shaping the silhouette and carries out a firming, draining and anti-edema activity

The Red Line of the Green ContraCell® Program consists of a package of specific products of natural origin and with a high concentration of plant active ingredients:

-  The hot-action no-rinse mud that does land work in the "disposal of toxins" produced by inflammation induced by the stagnation of liquids

- The enzymatic peeling with a fat-burning draining action, which thanks to its "dynamic action" reactivates the slowed microcirculation, counteracts lymphatic stasis thus promoting greater absorption of targeted treatments

- The thermogenic cream enhanced by the active ingredient of Drosera Rotundifolia, the fat-eating plant with a high "reductive impact" against culotte de cheval, adipose deposits accompanied by strong water retention

Brand: Stai Bene®
ContraCell Burn Fat Warm a hot effect mudgel, suitable for those who do not have problems of vascular fragility, which contributes, through thermogenesis, to act simultaneously on two fronts:- on edematous cellulite and therefore on the stagnation of liquids- on the stimulation of lipolytic enzymes ..
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Brand: Stai Bene®
ContraCell® è un fangogel senza risciacquo, privo di alghe e derivati, contenente alte percentuali di fitoestratti, oli vegetali e oli essenziali mirati, indicato per contrastare la ritenzione idrica e la stasi venosa che rappresentano due dei principali fattori predisponenti e favorenti l’insorgere..
Ex Tax:28.00€
Brand: Stai Bene®
The ContraCell® Mud Line The ContraCell® Green Line addresses the problem of cellulite, fat and fluid retention with specific dermo-compatible products with a high concentration of targeted plant active ingredients, which operate in compliance with the natural rhythm of our body.The program that the..
Ex Tax:220.00€
ContraCell® Fat Burner Peeling is a peeling designed to respond to problems of adipose accumulation, fluid retention and venous congestion.The Drosera, a fat-eating plant and of white clay with a deeply absorbing and detoxifying action inside ContraCell Peeling Fat Burner, stimulates the reduction o..
Ex Tax:28.00€
ContraCell® Thermogenic Fat Burning Cream is an organic cream, enriched with an active ingredient taken from Drosera Ramentacea, a carnivorous plant that in nature uses its sprawling leaves to capture prey.The function of its phytocomplex is to modulate the assimilation of adipose cells located in t..
Ex Tax:32.00€
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